Picture of Miners style Lantern
I wanted to make a lantern for another project and this was the mock up but it went so well and worked with the oil canister I used it as is .
I had been wanting to make an instructable for some time so here t is.
This is not a spot light but could be brighter if modified .
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Step 1: Tools

Picture of tools
For this project you will need a few light tools .
When I travel I take along a small tool box the boat box that I keep my get into trouble tools in .
I dont need them all just the medical sheers ,pliers , swiss army knife  modified hammer and a firm stick. I used two hammers sharpie, and a screwdriver. whatever type of screws you use.
and one long nail.

Step 2:

Picture of
You will also need some expendables  depending on how rough you are on them 
1 -2 lb bag of rice , 2 clean tube socks or near so some sand paper a small wire brush will help

Then there are the raw materials to build with.
I like to use item that if it all goes bad I can scrap the whole project and not feel to bad .
And out here we seem to have a lot of cans and plastic.So this is what you need
1 large tuna can not the 6 lb style just not the small style
1 tomato sauce or pizza sauce can
2 regular cans from beans or peas ,carrots,&ect
And one smaller can that will fit inside a regular can sort of tight some of the pull top cans are just under sized 
And a couple plastic bottles I screwed up two and got it on the third try
You will also need a wire coat hanger or similar type and length of wire .
7 screws and 11 nuts
Squidbillie6 years ago
How could you make the lantern brighter without burning more fuel?
By using L.E.D.s
Pusstjulio (author)  hcold6 years ago
you could use the more reflective surface from a coke can as a mirror
LEDs are OK but oil is available from so many sources "the nasty grease in a can of vienas" and brand and size doesn't matter "aa ,aaa,c,d" you could also up the air intake but I didn't want the lamp to blow out in a breeze.
but as a rule the hotter"or brighter" the more fuel it will burn .
maybe there is some item that can be used to produce more light like a lime lite.'
Cool! Fellow could maybe keep himself in chickens in his village once the Pocky-Lipps gets here by making and trading these. I'm filing this one away for future reference. Nice Job!
chalky6 years ago
Nice work! A small collection of these baby's would look amazing at night time along my garden fence:) I will definitely try and make some of these when the snow clears
MasterH6 years ago
This lantern looks pretty cool man.I have a question about the oil.Does it matter what kind of oil you use.
Pusstjulio (author) 6 years ago
Thank you its supposed to be styled after an old model t tail light , or one of the bicycle lamps from the 1800's
ChrysN6 years ago
That looks great! Cool use of recyclable materials.