Introduction: Mini 10 Piece Pocket Survival Kit!

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a few days ago i posted a first aid kit on instructables,but i thought thats to big to juat carry with me so i decided to make the mini 10 piece pocket survival kit!

Step 1: What You Need!

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- 1 gauze
- 2 paracetamol or pain killers
- 1 balm container
- 4 matches
- 1 bandaid
- 1 alcohol wipe

Step 2: Cut the Matches!

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cut the matches so they will fit in your container,and then cut at least an inch of the lighting pad from the side of the box.

now place all this at the bottom of the kit.

Step 3: Gauze

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pull a ply of gauze from the packet and fold it into the right size. now place into the kit.

hint: in a survival situation gauze can be a good fire starter!

Step 4: Paracetamol!

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cut out two tablets of your preferd pain reducer and place in the kit.

Step 5: Bandaid and Alcohol Wipe!

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fold your bandaid into forths and push into the kit. now do the same thing with the alcohol wipes but be carful as some alcohol wipes are presure sealed like mine and it popped!

hint: alcohol wipes are flamable so you can use them for fire aswell!

Step 6: First Aid Symbol!

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i did a quick search and found a cool sticker to print and glue on the top of my container.

Step 7: Done!

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hope you like my instructable and happy survival time. feel free to coment bellow. bye and see you next instructable.


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Modern Rustic Workshop (author)2016-10-09

Cool project!

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