Step 3: The Program and Programmation ....

Now lets the program:
removing jumper SW1 prog to isolate the IR sensor during programming
connect the ISP programmer (follow the sequence of pin)
see below for the type of control
plug the LiPo battery (watch polarity!)
Roule-Robot.hex file is the one you need to load the microcontroller is already compiled there is more than load it into flash memory

Start BASCOM AVR (I use the demo version is sufficient)

Load the program Roule-Robot.bas (if you want to change the program according to your taste)

then configure the chip as follows:
ATtiny select, with the button dat Ship
go to the Options menu and then compile and Ship
and enter the following values:
HW stack to 16
Soft Stack 16
framesize to 16
in the program menu you can select an alternative program as STK200/STK300 if you have this type of program or make one like que'jai make the picture attached, or better, use a USB programmer.
Then go to the menu (green icon) chip program or press F4
normally the ship is known, if not recognized, click the small green icon (next to last in the top right) then go to the menu Lock and Fuse Bits
Fusebit turn off F
Fusebit E off
DCBA Fusebit of 1001: int, RC Osc 4.8 MHz; Startup: 14CK + 64 ms

ATTENTION especially not to change the fuses and others do not select an external oscillator
otherwise it is not possible to communicate with the ship so to program,See the screen shot fuses.

Now click the FlashROM and click on the green icon at the top Auto Ship program
Normally everything should be fine and after checking BASCAM displays OK at the bottom of the window
if this is the case pa s double-check everything including the PCB and start over.
Then disconnect the battery disconnect reset the timer pro SW1 in its place and
Robot roll is ready to ride :)
choose a clean flat and smooth terrain connecting the battery you have 3 seconds to put down RR on the flore
You can also test the IR detector, passing his hand before the red LED should light,

If the red LED stays on continuously, two possible causes:
1 a battery is flat
2 LED IR radiation by the way the back to avoid this, I glued the black tape on it.

UPDATE 07/2015 Kicad zipped (SMD with minor changes) and DIL version files are joint :

see the video:

:Have a great time ! :)

some links:

diy_bloke3 years ago
Very interesting. I presume english is not your native language coz the translater (Google?) has kinda meashed up yr description.

e.g. Auto Ship Program?
Ship button?
would Ship be 'boot' then you probably translated from Dutch or German :-)
Anyway, great tutorial but would be better with a better translation :-)

Need some help?
Mic100 (author)  diy_bloke3 years ago
I'm French and sometimes I try to write in Englishman without the translator of Internet and Chip becomes Ship this is alike, now I understood Chip want IC Integrated Circuit en Français they also say puce (flea)
Mic100 (author)  diy_bloke3 years ago
yes I'm French
Auto Ship Program is Erase and program ship green icone
diy_bloke3 years ago
Ah, I see u might be French :-)