Picture of Mini Lego AK-47
This will show how to make a mini model of an AK-47 machine gun out of legos.

Step 1: The pieces

Picture of The pieces
Here are the pieces needed.

OH!so amazing

enzdude5 months ago

I like it. I made my own AK47 with a minifigure rifle, a hand as the ammo, and a LEGO Technic piece.

quentin1109 months ago
I like it , so realist
nice... soooo realistic :D
JProjects2 years ago
Can yo make a robot hold if ao can there be an instructable on it
chicopluma3 years ago
jjone5383 years ago
modaawesome3 years ago
yo monster i thank you might be the best on inscrutables right now
monsterlego (author)  modaawesome3 years ago
I am gobsmacked! thanks!
hey will you uhh "criticize" my instructable please
monsterlego (author)  modaawesome3 years ago
monsterlego (author)  modaawesome3 years ago
i must go put up the christmas tree bye
monsterlego (author)  modaawesome3 years ago
Have fun.
I'm following too!
monsterlego (author)  iproberry13 years ago
Cool! thanks!
by the way is there a way to like friend on this website
monsterlego (author)  modaawesome3 years ago
You know how to "follow" right?
ya i am following you
monsterlego (author)  modaawesome3 years ago
Great thanks!
you are in the top three when you click on play so it is true
iproberry13 years ago
Thats my favourite gun!!! you can hold it in one hand and it will remain balance...and it's waterproof!
Derpancakes3 years ago
WOW!!! I saw this and just HAD to make it. My version's kinda bad though..the stock is grey, the scope mounts are grey, and I can't find my pistol for the trigger! Five stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
monsterlego (author)  Derpancakes3 years ago
plywood243 years ago
This thing is SO awesome! Good job!
hrodriguez73 years ago
can little LEGO guys hold it?
monsterlego (author)  hrodriguez73 years ago
it's about 5 inches long, more of a model. but you can build a robot to hold it (i'm building one).
onrust3 years ago
Mr Kalashnikov and Kalishna Kitty are both pleased..... That rocks man
monsterlego (author)  onrust3 years ago
Thanks. :)
If you took the brown side coupling brick out, took the scope off, 1 of the brown cylinders, and shorten the rod (barrel)..... It could be a Yugoslavian paratrooper model!!!!! Google image an AK. Do you know how many different versions there are?
lol cool