Mini Lego AK-47





Introduction: Mini Lego AK-47

This will show how to make a mini model of an AK-47 machine gun out of legos.

Step 1: The Pieces

Here are the pieces needed.

Step 2: The Ammo Clip

Attach the black side coupling brick to the 1x2 plate as shown.

Step 3:

Add the curve brick next to that.

Step 4:

Stick the vent brick on top.

Step 5: The Barrel

Attach a clamp to the brown square.

Step 6:

Put a black square on the clamp.

Step 7:

Put the two cylinders on the square.

Step 8:

Put the small rod in the hole in the top cylinder.

Step 9:

Attach the finished part to the ammo clip.

Step 10: The Stock

Put the brown side coupling brick on the slope piece.

Step 11:

Put the black stud on that.

Step 12:

Put a clamp on that.

Step 13:

Clip the pistol into the clamp.

Step 14:

Put a clamp facing away from the last one.

Step 15:

Put the finished stock on the back of the ammo clip.

Step 16: The Scope

Put the antenna through the top of the cone as shown.

Step 17: Done!

Clip the scope to the gun as shown.

And your done!



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I like it. I made my own AK47 with a minifigure rifle, a hand as the ammo, and a LEGO Technic piece.

Can yo make a robot hold if ao can there be an instructable on it

yo monster i thank you might be the best on inscrutables right now