Step 4: Footpad and Leg Assembly

The two (2) footpads of the walker were cut and carved into shape from wooden starbucks 'stirrers' using a fine disc and drum sander attachment.

The simulated fence cutting blade was carved from a toothpick, sliced in two and glued to the two (2) dome-shaped footpads.  The length of the fence cutting blades were intentionally lengthened to act as a 'foot' extension.  The extended length increases the footprint of the walker and acts to counter balance the weight of the main turret when mounted in the final assembly.  Equal sized toothpicks were cut and glued to the footpad assembly.

For the AT-ST's legs, wooden starbucks stirrers were slotted using a reinforced cutting wheel.  The slots should fit the toothpicks in the previous footpad assembly.

For the AT-ST's 'thighs', regular popsicle sticks were used, carved and shaped according to the size and specs in the schematics.  Barbecue sticks from the 'spares' box were cut to form the main joints.  Spares were again used for the joint covers of the AT-ST 'thighs'.

The legs and thighs were then glued based on the bluprint and allowed to dry overnight.  The footpad assemblies were then inserted into the walker's legs and glued in place.  The completed sub assemblies must now be able to stand on its own..