Step 6: Drive Engine & Gyro System Assembly

For the walker's drive engine, a two-layer 'sandwiched' wooden stirrer was used.  The flat octagonal shape of the drive engine was carved using a fine drum sander attachment.  Side slots for the drive shafts were cut using an olfa cutter.

A bamboo chopstick was tapered using a drum sander and cut to the desired length based on the gyro system illustrated in the blueprint.  I highly recommend cutting the bamboo chopstick a little longer since it'll be easier to shorten it in the later stages when mounting the main turret.  With the lengthened gyro system, you'll have the option to position the main turret facing up, down, left or right. The bamboo stick gyro system was then glued on top of the drive engine and set aside to dry.

Two (2) drive shafts were fabricated from scraps and mounted in the slots cut in the sides of the drive engine assembly.  After these were allowed to dry, a drum sander was used to shape the end of the drive units parallel to the drive engine assembly.  This increases the contact area where the drive shafts meets the leg assemblies.
By the way, taking the time to take so many pictures of every step is awesome. Not very many Makers do that. I try and document everything I make in as many of the steps as possible. Again, I commend you on you thoroughness in documenting every step.