Hi everyone , This is Sahas chitlange from india. Its Summer in india , and temperature increases to 40degree Celsius with frequent power cuts. so I thought of making a MINI AC that woud'nt take much of energy and would work on multiple power options. This MINI AC can be powered by three ways

1) Solar Panel

2) 12 V discarded battery

3) Direct 220V AC

I chose to power it from DIRECT 220V AC . I can do it with other tow option also .

It wont take much time and money to build this MINI AC . the total cost was around RS 100/- because most of the items were found in the junk.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Materials required to make this Mini AC are
1) Stiff cooling pad brown colour

2) A old computer SMPS fan

3) A 12V 1A Powersupply

4) Solar panel 12V 10W ( optional )

5) A discarded 12V 7Ah UPS battery (Optional)

6) Spray

7) wires , heatshrink tube and other misc. instruments

Step 2: Glue the Fan to Supply

Glue the supply to the fan and join the fan wires to supply wires by soldering .

Step 3: Attach the Cooling Pad to the Fan

Now attach the cooling pad to the fan using the cable ties .

Step 4: Spray the Water and ................. ENJOY!!!!!!!!

Using the sprayer , spray cold water on cooling pad and switch on the AC to enjoy a COOL SUMMER.

I hope you liked this instructable . BYE . please vote and comment.

Step 5:

<p>hey, hello I am also a Indian. I know the Indian Summer condition. However I live in Flat and we have Generator But then also the fan cannot give enough coolness.I was thinking of making a homemade AC. but when I saw your Instructable I was delighted to see that we can make such a Cheap AC. </p>
<p>Where did you get the cooling pad from?</p>
<p>Actually my old cooler required cooling pad changing so i cutted a piece out of that old one</p>
<p>Is this really flow cold air or home cooler air is much cooler then this?</p>
<p>Nice idea. Indian summers are just terrible and power cuts are hell.</p><p>However, Having Power supply so close to water means SHOCK SHOCK SHOCK. Can you please lengthen the supply and place it away? Or better can you make a waterproof one?</p><p>Else How is the effectiveness of this unit? Enough for 1 person? a Cublile?</p><p>How often we need to spray?</p>
thanx for these comments
<p>a very thought out instructable, but the spraying water that close to that much power freaks a lot of people out, plus once you filter is dry you have to keep repeating probably every 15 minutes. it's a neat idea, but it's a watercooler and there are actually better, cheaper, and safer designs. it does looks like you have some awesome ideas, still look forward to seeing some great instructables. </p>
<p>Sorry, but it is very dangerus to spray water near to the &quot;hight voltage&quot; parts, you shouldnt do that!</p>
<p>Hello , thanks for watching..</p>

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