Mini Air Gun





Introduction: Mini Air Gun

Easy to make an mini air gun with just a pen and a chopstick.

Step 1: Materials


Pen, chopstick, tape, toilet paper, water



Step 2: Remove the Pen

remove the bottom and the top of the pen

Step 3: Cut Out the Chopstick

cut the chopstick top off....picture as show below

Step 4: Measure and Tape

tape the chopstick 5mm shorter than the pen. as the last picture show below

Step 5: Wet the Paper

wet the toilet paper and and roll it to a small pieces and put it in. put the first piece in and the second piece for shooting. when you push the chopstick, it will create high pressure inside the pen and pop the other piece off. watch the video for more action. any question, feel free to ask.



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    is there anything painful that you could shoot out of it. (plz be specific)

    12 replies

    i've tried to get the back part out but all i've managed to do is bust up about 5 pens. how do you get the back out?

    take a small screw driver and stick it in the tube and push the black end out. tap it lighty and start increasing the tapping power it should come out.dont pry it off.

    i use my teeth or rama a stick down the tube

    yes there is... you can use the end of the pen (the little black part) to load into one end of the pen and the other end needs to be tissue or paper or w/e just make sure that the end of the pen thing isnt in all the way only about half way (if its in all the way it wont work but if its in half way) and it should give a sharp crack and fire it hurts really bad like an airsoft gun


    Those bottom things arel ike impossible to take off.I think that the manufacturers make it unremovable.They dont make em like they used to... (Lol im like 12 years old always wanted to say that)

    just use pliers....

    us pliers or take the front of the pen off stick i chopstick through the tube and press really hard and the bottom thing will come out

    sry for double posting but i thought of something else.. if you really want to hurt someone take a sewing needle and cut it about the size of two small erasers and then shove it through an eraser (the ones you get out of pencils) and it should look something like a thumb tack and that should hurt a bit.

    yeah well those are made for shooting so you should only use there not anything more dangerous

    Needles stuck through the regular paper wad.Dipped in tranquilizer and shot at someone...

    i wish you could fire something with a point in a pen shooter

    1 reply

    You can. Make a blow dart with a shoelace end, undo the shoelace into the small fibers, and push a pin throught the lace and through the aglet (plastic tip). put in the dart with a spitball behind it, and load it... then put the other spitball in and fire! Hope you understand.... I had a hard time figuring out how to word it.

    I feel like adding a BB in in front of the tissue paper....