Introduction: Mini Album - How to Make a Squash Book ( Squash Card ) - DIY Paper Crafts

Picture of Mini Album - How to Make a Squash Book ( Squash Card ) - DIY Paper Crafts

This tutorial it's step by step instructions, so it's very easy to understand it.

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Step 1: Watch the Video!

For some people it's easier to watch a video than following step by step photos :)

So if you are one of them I hope that this video will help you !

Step 2: Gather Your Supplies!

Picture of Gather Your Supplies!

You need:

  • Scissor
  • Double adhesive tape
  • Ribbon
  • Coloured Cardboard
  • Design Paper

You can see that I attached the dimensions as well :)

You're welcome :D

Step 3: Take One Green Square and Fold It.

Picture of Take One Green Square and Fold It.

Here we gonna have two steps:
1) Take one green square ( 8 inch x 8 Inch ) and fold it like in the photos.

  • Fold it in half.
  • Unfold it.
  • Fold it in half again ( this time on the other side ).
  • Unfold it.
  • Fold it just on one diagonal.
  • Unfold again.

2)Now fold the square like in the last three images.

Step 4: Make Two More.

Picture of Make Two More.

Repeat the process and make two more.

Step 5: Stick Them Together!

Picture of Stick Them Together!

Put double adhesive tape on them and stick them together.

Step 6: Making the Covers.

Picture of Making the Covers.

1.Take one square with special design ( 5.5 inch x 5.5 inch ).

2.Mark 1/2 inch on each corner ( each side ).

3.Cut each corner.

4.Put double adhesive tape on it.

5.Fold the sides.

6.You need two square like that.

Step 7: Stick the Covers With the Other Part.

1)Put double adhesive tape on the green cardboard ( on both sides ).

2)Stick the covers on it.

Step 8: At This Step Your Book Should Look Like That!

Picture of At This Step Your Book Should Look Like That!

Step 9: Add Some Decorative Items on the Front Cover.

Picture of Add Some Decorative Items on the Front Cover.

Step 10: Decorate It Inside.

Picture of Decorate It Inside.

Step 11: Add Some Photos or Text.

Picture of Add Some Photos or Text.

I added some photos with my husbant :)

They are very nice! I hope you'll like them :)

Step 12: You Can Decorate It on the Back As Well!

Picture of You Can Decorate It on the Back As Well!

Step 13: Add Some Ribbon on It.

Picture of Add Some Ribbon on It.

This will help you to keep it closed and will do it nicer as well.

Step 14: More Project Videos!

Picture of More Project Videos!

Well now you know how to make a Cute Squash Book .

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DinaH11 (author)2017-03-25

Good work..Keep it up

KushG6 (author)2016-12-17

i loved ur work

Quinlynce60 (author)2016-04-25

Thanks for sharing your ideas with the public!

Giulia Art (author)Quinlynce602016-04-29

Thanks for following me :)

parisusa (author)2016-04-22

Love it!

Giulia Art (author)parisusa2016-04-23

I'm happy to hear that :)

BigRed1973 (author)2016-04-22

Just in time for Mother's Day! Thanks for posting!

Giulia Art (author)BigRed19732016-04-23

you are welcome :)

KellyN1 (author)2016-04-22

Great videos and fun projects for all. Can adapted for your skill level and chosen medium. I think a light weight wood like balsa would be great for the exterior or embossed copper or tin would be neat . Thank you for the tip. ?❤️

Giulia Art (author)KellyN12016-04-22

Yes :) Everyone can improve it in their way :) I'm glad that I helped :)

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