Mini Altoid Gas Grill





Introduction: Mini Altoid Gas Grill

The title has it all, you've seen the original Altoids Grill that uses small pieces of charcoal or even alcohol. We made the first Butane Lighter Altoids Gas Grill...

Keep in mind that this is not really safe for actually cooking something on it, but you can heat up water, pans, etc.

We hope y'all enjoy this 'able Here is the video link just in case y'all don't want to take the time to read out the FULL Instructable

Enjoy :)

Step 1: Getting Your Supplies

You need to obtain to get the following items.

Most importantly you need to get an Altoids Box A large one from the classic Altoids, and an Altoids Mini box.

Next you need a coat hanger that has no plastic coating on the outside of the wires.

You need to obtain a hacked lighter, you can find out how to make one by watching our Hacked Lighter video on this link Hacked Lighter 

You also need a bullet plug, you can find them at Radio Shack

and several pieces of aluminum tape in order to wrap up the burner. 

and lastly you need to get a small coffee straw or a straw from the end of a compress air blower.

Step 2: Getting the Burner Ready

Okay now the actual burner is going to be a little tricky. The first thing you have to do is get your bullet plug and place it at the end of your straw. Now using aluminum tape you need to tape the aluminum tape around the straw and the bullet plug.

This will actually serve two purposes,

(1) it will protect your tube from catching fire and melting away.

(2) it will allow you to bend the tube in any position you want.

Once you have the straw ready to be in working condition you need to make a small hole in the Small Altoids just big enough to fit the bullet plug. Then you need to place the plug on the small hole and wrap the side of the container up with aluminum tape in order to prevent gas from escaping the side of the Altoids box. 

Once it's finished, you need to make several holes on the top of the Altoids box this will dissipate the gas to several of the grill.

So this will get the burner ready for ya'

Step 3: Adding the Lighter to the Burner

So now that you have the straw ready for the lighter, so you need to attach the hacked lighter onto the end of the Straw. you do this by placing the straw right at the end of the gas exit valve. Press in the gas and light  the burner to test out the burner and see if it works.

Step 4: The Actual Grill Top

The lid of your Altoids grill will be made from the large Altoids box. You need to cut the edges of the lid of the Altoids using a Dremel Drill.

Once you have the lid taken off, cut small segments of your your Coat Hanger and you will use them as a grill top. Then using aluminum tape hold everything together for added resistance.

Lastly you need to drill a small hole on the side of the Altoids box and this is where you are going to place the straw tube.

Step 5: Finishing Up the Grill

So you have finished the Straws, the burner and the grill top.

Next you need to place the straw inside of the side hole of the Altoids box.

Using aluminum tape to the bottom of the Altoids small burner attach it to the Altoids Grill.

Then place the grill top on top of the Altoids box and attach the Lighter to the end of the straw. Finally just ignite the burner and get ready for it.

Keep in mind that THIS IS BAD FOR YOU .... we've read a couple of articles that states that butane is bad for you. SOOOOO with that in mind, only use it as a novelty or to heat up water etc.



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    this is not safe by any stretch of the imagination. vaporized aluminum is a risk, as is back flash into the butane/propane container. There are better ways to use an altoids tin, and this is not one of them.

    The butane wont get nearly hot enough to vaporize the aluminum, plus it's evident that this is more of a toy/model than something one would cook on.

    You do realize that butane is not self oxidized so it will not explode unless your lighter starts leaking out of the tank

    Read my posts. Gasoline is not flammable unless oxidized either, but add 12yr old and Bic, BOOM.

    You do realise that's just a myth, right?

    That a cloud of butane is explosive? YES
    Kids screwing around with valves on lighters = bad idea.
    If that thing is going (watch the lighter hack part) while Jr. has it full throttle and it comes apart - POOF!.
    Think about kids -v- intelligence, they get enough ideas on their own, I know I was one.

    Exploding light trick would be very hard to do with this though.

    Merely saying that flames backing up into aerosols and lighters is a myth. To be honest though, if a lighter blows up, the most you're likely to get is a missing chunk of hair.

    It's not the mythical exploding lighter, it's the fuel air bomb they created.

    I can just see 2 12yr olds bent over this, using the biggest lighter they can find, when the valve they've almost completely unscrewed lets go while young Jimmy is holding a lit match.

    Don't believe me, go ask the staff at the local burn unit.

    flames cannot back up into the lighter because it is not self oxidizing which means there is no oxygen in the lighter its self so if it started to back up it would go out.
    trust me my dad used to be a welder he knew his stuff