Mini Altoids Tin Air Soft Blow Gun





Introduction: Mini Altoids Tin Air Soft Blow Gun

Stuff Needed:

6mm, .24 calerber plastic bbs
bic pen
don't forget mini altoids tin :-)

BTW this is my first instrucable.
sorry for suckky picts

Step 1: Cut Tube

cut pen tube to size

(Sorry I had to make a movie with the ditigal camera, about a second long. Play the movie on pause then print screen paste it into paint, and delete the quick time window

Step 2: Enjoy!


do not kill your self with this (you really can't kill your self with this any ways haha)so you can't sue ME



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    Ok no offense, but you don't have the best spelling.

    there's a 101 things u can do with an altoids tin, wd-40 , duct tape , and a mechanical pencil. can u find them?

    i think there is more than 101 things....more like 1,000,001

    what's the fps joule whateva on this thing?

     Whats the FPS on this thing?

    There are no 1 dollar camping knife. get a life

    yes there is. at walmart. for .96 cents

     yeah, i have two.

    Hmm looks cool ill try it sometime it can go right beside my mechanical pencil elastic band bow and arrow gun. (It was terribly unsafe and I shot my finger OWW)

    I made something similar in about 10 minutes. I took a film canister and drilled a hole threw the cap and the actual canister. i used a bic pen as the barrel and didnt take out the end stoper thing but drill a hole a little smaller then it. That gives it alot more power! I then super glued the barrel to the cap only so i could take it out and put BB's in and took one of your guys idea and lined it with paper towel! BIG PART HERE! I also took a lighter and smelted the muzzle (end of barrel) to a smaller shape so the BB had more force. Good instructable sparked my mind to try something a little different. Yours has better acess!