Mini Altoids Tin Air Soft Blow Gun




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Introduction: Mini Altoids Tin Air Soft Blow Gun

Stuff Needed:

6mm, .24 calerber plastic bbs
bic pen
don't forget mini altoids tin :-)

BTW this is my first instrucable.
sorry for suckky picts

Step 1: Cut Tube

cut pen tube to size

(Sorry I had to make a movie with the ditigal camera, about a second long. Play the movie on pause then print screen paste it into paint, and delete the quick time window

Step 2: Enjoy!


do not kill your self with this (you really can't kill your self with this any ways haha)so you can't sue ME



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    Ok no offense, but you don't have the best spelling.

    there's a 101 things u can do with an altoids tin, wd-40 , duct tape , and a mechanical pencil. can u find them?

    1 reply

    i think there is more than 101 things....more like 1,000,001

    what's the fps joule whateva on this thing?

     Whats the FPS on this thing?

    There are no 1 dollar camping knife. get a life

    2 replies

    yes there is. at walmart. for .96 cents

     yeah, i have two.

    Hmm looks cool ill try it sometime it can go right beside my mechanical pencil elastic band bow and arrow gun. (It was terribly unsafe and I shot my finger OWW)

    I made something similar in about 10 minutes. I took a film canister and drilled a hole threw the cap and the actual canister. i used a bic pen as the barrel and didnt take out the end stoper thing but drill a hole a little smaller then it. That gives it alot more power! I then super glued the barrel to the cap only so i could take it out and put BB's in and took one of your guys idea and lined it with paper towel! BIG PART HERE! I also took a lighter and smelted the muzzle (end of barrel) to a smaller shape so the BB had more force. Good instructable sparked my mind to try something a little different. Yours has better acess!

    i had that nife it fell apart when i tried 2 use it lol

    he did jest put bb in pen tube and blow!

    this doesn't make any sense at all how do you shoot it?

    i have a new vrsion that will be posted tomorrow!
    in my design it uses and airsoft gun barrel and non-crappy instructions!:0
    the gun i used is about 20 bucks on (electric guns section) or at wall-mart, called the mini defender

    look for it 2-morrow or very soon

    uhh you kinda need more steps like on how to use it.... cause this just says get altoids box, cut pen tube to size and insert into altoids box...

    3 replies

    Im thinking this is just the case for your weapon and ammo. But this has sparked my interest. I will be devising a semi auto fully concealed version of this. it should be good times. I cant wait to nail somone in the back of the head at walmart and just keep walking.

    lol 5 mins later ive got the plan. i will post it once im finished... so easy yet sooooooooooo evil. I LOVE YOU INSTRUCTABLES.

    maybey a tic tac box would be less conspicuoius

    i would really like to know how to make this gun thingy can you please explain?

    No instruction... How do i make this!???!?