Introduction: Mini Altoids Urban Survival Kit

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This is what I carry on my everyday. SO small is fits in any pocket! Here is a list of what you need to make one of your own :O

- Mini Altoids Tin
-1 Small blade
-1Tiny LED Flashlight
-1Micro USB thumbdrive
- Emergency Cash $20
- Matches w/ Stricker
- 2 Safety Pins
- 2 Small BandAids
-1 Water Purification Tablet
- 1 Small Sheet of Paper
- 1 Type of Medication of your choice


Mako1701d (author)2017-03-07

greetings here is mine with modifications

Mini Altoids Tin

-1 Small scalpel blade or razor

-1Tiny LED Flashlight

-1 index card w/ med info (electronics might be down or USB reader not available)

- Emergency Cash $20

- Matches w/ Striker

-12 inches of kevlar cord (sawing and lashing ability)

- 2 Safety Pins

- 2 Steri-strips (hold better than band aids)

-1 Water Purification Tablet

- 1 Small Sheet of Paper small pencil

- 1 Type of Medication of your choice

You can dip the match heads in nail polish or melted candle wax to make them waterproof.

anasazi jack (author)2014-07-18

I'm mostly in the woods but the mini drive w/ med info is a great idea

CSI worker (author)2013-07-25

Wish I had one

CSI worker (author)2013-07-25


BudgetBugout (author)2013-03-09

Great kit! Yours is the first Altoids Smalls kit that I've seen with a knife inside! I just uploaded my Altoids survival tin instructable and I plan on working on an Altoids Smalls kit soon!

Moem (author)2012-07-23

Dude. Why not add a condom? They can be used for many, many things besides the obvious.

dim20 (author)Moem2012-08-25

i dont think its a dude... more like girl...

Moem (author)dim202012-08-25

Woops. Looks like you're right.
Sorry, TonicLime!

EmcySquare (author)2012-07-24

Mine contains those items plus:
- zipties
- rubber bands
- superglue (can use that to close wounds!)
- copy of ID and other documents
- subway tickets
- paper clips
- string
- twizers
- scalpel / razor blades
- snare wire (not for trap but for fixing things)
- some duct-tape

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