Mini Arduino Game





Introduction: Mini Arduino Game

In an Contest with my Cousin I have made an Game with only 2 things that you need so have fun.

Btw my nativ language is German so please correct me in the comments :D

Step 1: Parts List

You will need an Arduino( I used an arduino uno)

also an PC

and an Sainsmart Lcd keypad shield (or simular)

Her the links for the Items:


Keypad shield

Step 2: The Code

There is the code have fun with it but please comment me if you use it on an other platform/instructable

Step 3: Controls

You can only walk with the right, up and down buttons.

The letters there are viewed in the left upper corner are not milliseconds only a counter that can play with friends.



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    Looks nice! Would you mind uploading a video showing game action?

    Hi! How to do this without keypad shield? I try to do it like image, but isn't work. Thanks :D

    Oh i think i have to correct this because you have to edit the code to you an self made keypad °~°

    When i made my keypad i check adc values with AnalogInOutSerial in arduino libraries, and write my values on " //switch (var){

    //case 142:



    "if (var == 142){

    dir = 1;


    // lcd.setCursor(15,1);


    }(...)" And it's don't work :E

    Sorry but i dont understand the code

    I change your values to my values e.g UP from 142 to 135, DOWN from 328 to 316 etc. and keys dont work :)

    Schönes einfaches Spiel! Aber Dein letzter Satz kann leicht verkehrt interpretiert werden. Die "Zahlen" in der oberen linken Ecke sind keine Milli-Sekunden, sondern nur da, um mit jemanden in einem Wettbewerb spielen zu können. (The numbers in the most left corner are not milli-seconds , they are only for playing in a competition with sombody else,...) Keine Kritik, nur eventuell besser zu verstehen. Werde Deinen Code mal runterladen, und an den Weihnachts-Feiertagen damit mal spielen! Ein schönes Fest, und einen guten Rutsch ins Jahr 2016, wünscht Dir und deinen Lieben, db9pz ; Markus

    Danke für die Korrektur und ebenfalls ein schönes Fest und ein guten rutsch