Mini Arduino Multi Function Controller w/ LCD Display

Picture of Mini Arduino Multi Function Controller w/ LCD Display
This Instructable builds on the mini Arduino environment monitor and mini Arduino EEG monitor Instructables.
It allows you to control  up to 4 relays using time, temperature and /or Light,  your mind, or whatever sensor you would like to use.

The examples are prototypes, I don't go any further than putting them together on a breadboard. I haven't made a permanent case for them

The main purpose of this instructable is to demonstrate how you can use the arduino to control any device using sensor input  and conditional logic to make decisions and activate the device.

My objectives are to make these instructables inexpensive, simple, practical, and interesting.
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Step 1: Parts and components

Picture of Parts and components
I used the same parts for all projects, but if you want to build them for permanent use,you will need to increase the parts count.

For the Timer control:

1. Arduino, I think anyone will do, but I'm using a Sainsmart nano clone.
2. A RTC module for Arduino
3. A Sainsmart 4 Relay module 
4  A Sainsmart 1.8" LCD Color display
5. Jumper wires
6. A mini breadboard to hold the display and/or a larger breadboard for the nano and RTC (I used my RS electronic learning lab)

For the Brain Controller:
  1. An Arduino
  2. A Sainsmart 4 Relay module
  3. A Sainsmart 1.8" LCD Color display
  4. A hacked MindfLEX headset
For light and temperature control:
  1. An Arduino
  2. A Sainsmart 4 Relay module
  3. A Sainsmart 1.8" LCD Color display
  4. A DHT11 or similar temperature sensor, or a thermistor
  5. a CDS light sensor

Step 2: Timer controlled Relays

Picture of Timer controlled Relays
So Let's start with the Timer controller:

This example allows you to control the relays with data provided by the RTC. you can use the date and time data to turn on and/or off the relays.

There are many instructables that show  you how to do just that, but this one provides you feedback status using the color LCD display.

You will need to have the Mini Arduino Enviroment monitor with RTC built to start this project. We will add the 4  Relay module.

nzsammy2 months ago

One Warning on the relay controlled Power outlet, if you are going to connect to an external relay, please note that FEMALE plugs should be used on all LIVE contacts, By having Male plugs you run A very high risk of personal injury or death be touching the live exposed contacts, A better option would be to have a relay inside the Power outlet box, and control using 12VDC, which is much safer and can use male connector on the power outlet box.

XavierD14 months ago

Can i use a 16X2 LCD on this setup.....Can you tell me how this can be done?.....i am a noob and i need help.....