I have allways dreamed to have my own fully functional 1980s style arcade cabinet, soooo....

After a lot of tinkering with original cabinet blueprints and old pc parts i had lying around , i have came up with a suitable scaled design that would fit some basic principles:

- Would not take a lot of space in my apartment;
- Preserved the lines of arcade cabinet of that era;
- Blend with the rest of my furniture;
- Mixed type cabinet ( it is bartop type but has a stand
making it full cabinet )

Step 1: Planning...

Nothing starts without a plan, so here it is!
I also saved by using wood i had stored from an old clothes cabinet,(i also wanted to recycle - that applyes to wood also)

Firstly i drew only the bartop portion, the whole hardware would fit into it, then i realised i did not had any place to put it on top of, so i drew a stand to acompany it ( this part is hollow )
Bad A$$!! Wish I knew how to do all that electrical/programming work. I would be all over this.
Would it be just easier to mount a tv inside of the cabinet and plug in one of those plug in play tv things and cut a hole for the joystick to make it look like a real arcade cabinate?
it would, but thats not nearly as much fun
I want one<br /> !!!
Very nice arcade design.
Man this is great I love it. I looks so cool. Good Job.
Great Job! It looks so cool!

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