Mini Bic Ben Grapeling Hook





Introduction: Mini Bic Ben Grapeling Hook

My instructable will be a mini grapeling hook Do not use as a real thing (DO NOT HANG) i am working on a life sized one.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

Here is the stuff u need

1. 2 bic pens
2. 4 paperclips (u might not need them all)
3. String or yarn (the longer the farther u can grappel stuff)
4. Tape
5. A sharp knife
6. A small rubber band

Step 2: Cuting the Bic Pens

Cut a 1_1/2inch piece of of one bic pen. On the full pen cut a slit in it at the top.

Step 3: Rubber Band W/ Bic Pen

Take the 1_1/2inch bic pen and tape the rubber band to it.

Step 4: Make the Hook

Take 4 paper clips and up bend the first two bends LOOK AT THE PIC
Then break of (u cant cut) about half way on the second bend LOOK AT THE PIC. Then taape them all together. And then bend the end of the paper clip so it hangs onto stuff better.

Step 5: Tape the Hook to the Bic Pen

Tape the hook u just made and take the 1_1/2inch bic ben and tape the hook the th bic pen

Step 6: The Final Step

Take the string and tape that to the hook on the 1_1/2inch bic ben then tape the other end to the long bic pen.

Step 7: How to Shoot

Take the rubber band and conect it to the slit in the big bic pen pull bach aim and fire.



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    my stuoid ruber band wont even launch the thing

    it more of a toy i think

    Did you notice how old this is?



    1 reply

    lol you can buy army grappeling hooks at my local surplus store!!!

    since humans can't use it, maybe robots should use it

    cool pocket knive

    I used to make something very similar to this, and have spider-man swing off of it when I was a kid. You should bend the paper clips down a little so it'll hook on to stuff better.

    I had a fantastic mental image of someone swing-n-grappeling something a la Indiana Jones, and then having the paperclip hook rip off and the person fall to their death.

    1 reply

    Ahhh, good 'ol mental fascination's!

    theRIAA beat me to it. You need to get the hooks, um , hooked:-) Maybe get rid of the pen top around the grapple base as it will make it unbalanced

    Haha, so true.