Step 3: Making the Holes.

Now we are ready to cut. Make a hole according to the line we marked.
NOTE: If your drive has a LED outside the hole made, make a little hole where it should be when the drive it's "outside". In my case, the led was visible in the hole, so no problems.

Oh, and be careful making them. Try not to break your book, really.
where do i get a small book
Maybe in a crafts shop/fair, at least those are the places I see them a lot of time.
that hole in the book looks a bit ugly. covering its edges with something (paper, tape...) will be much better. 4*s
I dont think its a good idea to have the weight of the book relying on the flash drive it could damage your computer, or worse, your flash drive
Not really. The small book weight like, when you take up your computer mouse.

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