Mini Bow ($0)




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Introduction: Mini Bow ($0)

This is a small little bow and arrow that can be made with house supplies: - ear cleaners - knitting string - bendable nail filer (Popsicle stick in water for 45m)

Step 1:

Take your stick and cut once on both sides of the stick. This is where you will tie your string

Step 2:

Tie the string around and through the cuts you made. If you have enough string you shouldn't even have to tie it in a knot. Do this to both ends.

Step 3: Ammo

Take an ear cleaner and cut one of the fuzzy sides off. Take the side with the base, align it with the string, pull back, and.... FIRE! It should go at least 10 ft based on how you build it.



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    Pretty cool! I'll probably mess with my friends with a few of these.

    Thanks for sharing!