Step 2: Cake

Take some already done cake, it can be made from box-cake mix or bought at any grocery store, and the cut into slices. After that use a cookie cutter to pierce the slices and get small circles.
it looks really tasty.
That sounds very good! And not too hard to assemble either :)
I know! Its was super fun! I did it with a friend and had so much fun :) I think this made the dessert taste awesome!
This looks amazing!
Thank you! :)
wow. good taste. Other recommendation?
sure! <br />you can use chocolate cake, chocolate mouse, other berries if u like. <br />If u want a tropical twist use pineapple cake and coconut flavored meringue and on the top roasted coconut flakes! <br />Instead of whipped cream or meringue use ice cream!!!! any type of ice cream. <br />And one idea I friend told me is that you can use Sara Lee pound cake, Which you can fiend at the grocery store! :) use ur imagination u can mix and match! <br />-Mara <br />

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