Step 5: Mechanical components - shafts, bearings and leadscrews

1)      Precision steel shafts:

-          Ø20mm precision steel shafts for X axis (cut from 1 piece of 60 inch=1524mm shaft)

·          2 pieces of 600mm long

-          Ø16mm precision steel shafts for Y axis (cut from 2 pieces of 30 inch=762mm shaft)

·         2 pieces of 390mm long 

-          Ø16mm precision steel shafts for Z axis (cut from 2 pieces of 372mm shaft left from the Y axis shafts)

·         2 pieces of 300mm long

-          machining the precision steel shafts

·         6 pieces                                  

2)      Ball bearings/bushings

-          Ø20mm (Ø32 outer diameter) ball bearings/bushings

·         4 pieces

-          Ø16mm (Ø26 outer diameter) ball bearings/bushings

·         8 pieces

3)      Trapezoidal lead screws cut from a 1500mm long trapezoidal lead screw:

-          Ø16mm  trapezoidal lead screw with 4mm pitch for X axis

·         1 piece of 657mm long

-          Ø16mm  trapezoidal lead screw with 4mm pitch for X axis

·         1 piece of 447mm long

-          Ø16mm  trapezoidal lead screw with 4mm pitch for X axis

·         1 piece of 357mm long

-          end machining for the trapezoidal lead screws in a local workshop

·         3 pieces          


4)      Trapezoidal cylindrical Nuts that I made on a lathe in a local workshop:

-          Ø16mm with 4mm pitch nut

·         1 piece with Ø32mm outer diameter and 32mm long

-          Ø16mm with 4mm pitch nut

·         2 pieces with Ø24mm outer diameter and 24mm long

<p>Like very much. Could you reupload all complete files? Thanks</p>
<p>If this is a Mini CNC, the other mini CNC[including mine] are micro CNC :)), anyway, awesome project man, rock-solid build, good work</p>
<p>what the price for all component</p>
Awesome project...<br>I love it!!!
<p>What is the weight of x-axis assembly of CNC in this instructable?</p>
<p>Have you seen a difference in using metal supports as compared to wood?</p>
<p>Hi,</p><p> Is it possible to get the cad file ?</p>
Good job!!!
<p>how many of the parts were bought locally you state &quot;all of the parts were bought locally&quot; i do not know anywhere locally where i can buy lead screws or linear rails or bearings, I am in the process of building a similar model but i have to state that most of the parts are coming direct from china as i can buy them for much less even including shipping compared to buying them in UK.</p><p>do you have any idea of how much in total you spent for the major parts?</p><p>regards Poppy Ann.</p>
<p>Hello. I am trying to find the pdf or dxf files without luck. Can you inform me from where can i found them ??? </p><p>Thank you.</p>
<p>This is Sophia from China and all details can have a look at this website: <a href="http://www.cncrouter.cn" rel="nofollow"> www.cncrouter.cn </a> my mail is sophia@cncrouter.cn </p><p>Any question ,maybe you can ask me </p>
<p>Awesome instructable. Thanks for sharing it, I'd like to ask you how did you get the G code from a DXF file?</p>
<p>There are programs like CamBam and SheetCam for example.</p>
Looks nice but a true instructable and diy person doesnt order every single component, bearing, rods, couplers etc. We use things from our project boxes, hardware store pieces things like that. We also don't have mills at our exposure for drilling holes. Should have bought one for the money you spent on this thing.
<p>You may be right in your last comment, but I appreciate also the outer appearance and quality of things and am quite sure you can't get anything readymade nearly that money. Have you visited <a href="http://www.worldofcnc.com" rel="nofollow">www.worldofcnc.com</a> (Marchant Dice Ltd)? I think Berbefacac has got plenty of influences from them.</p>
<p>I have for some time planned to build own router, too, and I definitely like your mini CNC router, when I now found the instructable for it. Very thoroughly documented, really. Thanks! The necessary machinings can be done in a local machining workshop. There seems to have been several questions about the accompanying dxf- and pdf-files earlier, too. I have got only four pdf-files through and allthough I can convert them to dxf and draw others myself, the missing ones would save time. There seems to to be no comments from berbefarac for past two years?</p>
Hi. I am having trouble downloading the DXF files from instructables. If I click on the DXF link, I get a 404 error. If I try to right click and download the file, they appear to be empty. Any help please? Thanks. <br>
how called the red electronic board and how much it cost? <br>
Hi berbefarac <br>There is a possiblity to reupload the dxf and pdf files missing from your instructable? <br>Thank you
Super, <br> <br>Va rog, imi puteti trimite si mie planul CNC-ului pe mail. Va multumesc. <br> <br>As fi interesat chiar si de achizitionarea unuia gata construit de dvs. <br> <br> <br>Va multumesc. <br>Dragos <br>dragos900@yahoo.com
Great job! A quick question, though; <br>I'm planning on using 20mm shafting for my machine, too, but I've heard that unsupported shafts can flex quite a bit. Do your shafts have large amounts of flexing, or is it rigid?
What feed rates can you achieve with this?
As I said in step1, the maximum milling speed on X an Y axis is 2400mm/min. and on Z axis is 1800mm/min.
Fantastic machine, very creative and seems to work well. Just on thing, many posts on here ask for complete drawings (dxf/PDF) which you indicate are In sections 13 thru 16, and another post asked whether all drawings could be put in a zip file. This is a great idea, and since I'm keen to also use your fantastic design, could you post a direct link to the drawings or zip file of them? <br> <br>Thanks <br> <br>Simon
Hi. Does anyone have complete set of plans for this?<br><br>Those files are missing:<br>y_cross.pdf (185 KB)<br>shafts_and_threaded_rod.pdf<br><br>All others I already have.<br><br>Thnx<br><br>Kruno<br>
Hi. I will do an update for this instructable and put again the dxf files and all other files needed for the building of the MiniCNC. Hopefuly I will do the update this month.<br>Berbefarac.
Hi, There are still no links to any files showing dimensions at all on the entire page. Could you add the links? Thank You
any news on the plans, am interested in using your design for a project in the uk, especially as your plans are metric. Please put theme up here or send me a link at stefan94@hotmail.co.uk Thanks for supporting the cnc community.
That will be wery nice. Thanx for your time Berbefarac.<br><br>Kruno
Hi. Thanks for this great how-to berbefarac. Anyone got the complete set of plans? My mail is jm_weinberg(at)hotmail.com if anyone can help me. <br>Cheers
Hi, did someone sent you the plans on your email adress? <br> <br>Thnx
No, nobody.
Like some others I attempt to download the plans (in the steps indicated) and get challenged for name and password. I give that and nothing happens. It is as if we are getting trapped in an endless loop. <br> <br>I'd love to see the plans. I'd love to consider making a similar machine but the SITE seems intent to keep us from doing just that. Has anyone downloaded the plans and or found another location that might be posting them?
Having same problem
This looks GREAT ! <br> <br>I'm looking for a reliable DIY CNC machine and this one seems to be a winner. <br>Thank you for sharing this. <br> <br>Although I have one question: how can I download the related files (schematics?). You said earlier <br> <br>&quot;You can find all the drawings in .pdf and .dxf file format in steps 13 to 16.&quot; <br> <br>But really couldn't locate them. I registered on the site (free account) but still no luck :-( <br> <br>Could you please instruct me on how to find those files ? <br> <br>Thanks a lot.
I didn't find the dfx files or plans. Where I can download it?
how much is the overall cost for this<br>
Hey, very very nice work, i was planning to make a some what similar cnc, but mainly just following your z axis &quot;layout&quot;. I was wondering if you think that the structure is strong? Or at least strong enough because I was thinking of adapting a forth and fifth axis to the head and liked how yours for the height advantage. <br>Thanks,<br>Weverton
did you really have to use such big steppers, I mean for a lot less you could have got weaker steppers that are better suited for this task. I dont think you'll ever use their 425 oz. capacity
First of all, nicely done! As for the stepper sizing, they will only really be oversized if the power supply and driver are not capable of meeting their potential or they are capable of damaging the machine. If all of the electronics are well matched and the machine is free of binding and so forth, larger motors will allow much higher feed speeds to be attained reliably, especially while cutting. Materials that the builder is most likely to intend to mill out with this machine will be able to be be cut at high feed rates.
I would like to try to build a machine based on your design. Do you have DXF drawings of the parts?<br>
Its a great project, but one thing is a bit annoying:<br><br>&quot;For this project you will need to have a set of screwdrivers and a set of hex keys or Allen keys, a drill for some extra holes, metal cutting saw to cut some custom parts, soldering station or soldering gun join the wires so they`ll have a good conductivity , and a multimeter.<br><br>You should have knowledge of basic electronics, how to solder and how to use a multimeter&quot;<br><br>Then later on, it turns out that a lathe and mill are required. Which rather changes things a bit.
Hi.<br>Great work on this.<br><br>Like to build one myself.<br><br>I tried to download plans but there are some things missing:<br><br>Can you send complete plans for Mini CNC router in one zipfile, PLEASE.<br>That would be realy helfull.<br>I have acces to alu-profiles in company where I work.<br><br>Thanx. <br>Kruno
Almost forgot, here is my mail: <br>krunobalaneskovic@yahoo.com<br><br>Thanx.<br><br>Greetings from Slovenia<br><br>
In which step is the dxf file located? Doesn't seem to show up anywhere.
great instuctable... can u help me for software purpose? i,e. how &amp; which soft ware u used. can i get the microcontroler and servo/ stepper motors prog? pls.......<br>
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