Step 5: Assemble the Exterior

FIRST. Any door you would like made must be cut before application of the top. NOTE: Cut door large enough to hit the lumber frame when closed so that people can walk on it. Make sure there is a lip underneath the door. 

Place the No.1 piece on the top and screw it into all parts of the frame. Then place the sides on the boat and attach in the same fashion.  Once finished with the sides, move to the back. Once finished with the back, flip the boat on its side ad attach the bottom and front. 

follow the instructions for use on the fiberglass and apply to the bottom and sides. The top is optional, but if you want to have anything wet (like swimsuits) on the top, I recommend using the fiberglass on the top as well. be sure to cover all edges with the fiberglass thoroughly. 

Use the extra plywood to put a floor over the lumber frame on the inside and you have completed your mini cabin boat!