Mini Cardboard USB Blade-less Fan





Introduction: Mini Cardboard USB Blade-less Fan

i decided to make this mini blade-less fan as part of a couple of competitions that are going on at the moment, the green living and the USB competition, so if you like it, please vote

watch the video here

Step 1: Parts

you will need:
A small DC motor
Any kind of Fan blade, in this case i used a laptop heat sink fan
A cardboard tube
2 sheets of A4 paper or card

Step 2: Make Your Internal Fan

Simply attach your blade to your motor using hot glue

Step 3: Cutting

make two large circles by rolling the paper, and then they must be able to fit one inside the other, then trim them to size, ensure that they are both longer that the diameter of your tube
next, cut a hole in your larger tube that is the size of cardboard tube

Step 4: Fit the Tube

splay one end of your cardboard tube, then fit through the hole and secure it, ensure that it is not covered in any way

Step 5: Insert the Fan and Secure It to the Base

I used cocktail sticks that were glues to the fan, and then attached them to the base on the cardboard tube, i then attached the whole rig onto my breadboard, because it was the only thing i could find that would work, and it made it easy to connect to my power supply, feel free to use your inntiative for this step.

Step 6: Connect to the Power

Connect it to your power supply, either battery or USB cable and feel free to add a switch or something, to activate and deactivate it, thanks for viewing my instructable, have fun.



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    It multiplied the air speed by i would say 1.5


    I've made Blade less fan from a plastic bottle & got wonderful air supply from it. But when you try Drawing paper of A4 size it's impossible to wind perfect circular except you use frame of wood for support. My bro. use any wasted plastic bottle & also you need big fan blade of cpu fan or From Laptop cooler for more air discharge.

    Hi! I was wondering what the breadboard has on it. I see a push button, but I am not sure if there is a resistor or anything else there. Thanks! :)

    quick question:
    does it need to be a blower fan blade (laptop) or can it be just a regular one? (desktop)

    this would be something neat to build with a 120mm fan.

    1 reply

    sorry for the very late reply, its just really more of an idea than a real guide line, im shure a 120mm desktop fan would be far better, although it might require strengthening the structure a lot, given the choice i wouldnt have made this out of card, but it was for the green living competition as well,
    thanks for the interest

    and yes i agree, the "bladeless" fans are a bit of a con, even the £200 dyson airblade "bladeless" fan does infact have blades, they are just hidden from sight giving the apperence of no moving parts

    1 reply

    and they too have the "buffeting" they claim not to, its just indirect so its not as noticeable.

    Do you just put the smaller tube in the middle and just let it sit there or do you have to seal it up somehow?

    1 reply

    no, u can just let it sit there, but that lets the air flow in both directions, which is how i wanted mine, or u can easily cover the small between the tubes in one end and it should work better

    It is called a ducted fan.

    thanks a lot for the comments.

    I don't understand how this is blade-less. You're using blades.

    1 reply

    The blades are hide to sight, but you are right. This concept exists since some years ago.

    Anyway, I appreciate this instructable because I would never have thought of making one of these at home.