Introduction: Mini Catapult - Office Survival Trap [HD Video Tutorial]

This little catapult is fun to play with on its own, and even more fun to surprise friends co-workers with. A nice little device to stand guard in your doorway.

Supplies needed:
1 Large Eraser
3 Paper Clips
1 Popsicle Stick
1 Spring (this could be from a broken electronic device in the battery compartment)
1 Chapstick Cap
Hot Glue
Strong Scissors
String or Dental Floss for a Tripwire

Be careful not to load anything sharp into this catapult when the intent is to fire at a person or animal. You'll put your eye out.


TheUnknownVariable (author)2013-09-26

This is one of my fav.

instructable person 9 (author)2012-10-20


Dearden805 (author)2011-09-26

Cool video very good job explaning 5 stars

snoopindaweb (author)Dearden8052012-07-01

I never suspected..!

Thanks! If you get a second I would appreciate a vote in the survival and pocket sized contests as well

nerd97 (author)NightHawkInLight2011-10-02

I don't really think it's a "survival" trap. It is pocket sized though.

N331_Rox_12 (author)2012-05-05

good video

The Greene (author)2011-10-16

great video explained ever thing vary well.

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