While the whole street is colored with Christmas, I made a small Christmas tree with ATtiny13a and small breadboard. I found cute little case at the 100 yen shop. the case was a dome ornament kit. I put a small Christmas tree in the case. Do not you think it is is cute?
Make it happy:-)

Step 1: Sketch

I wrote in a program at ATtiny13a using Arduino IDE used version 1.06 and Arduino core for Attiny13.

Fuse bit :hFuse = 0xFF, lFuse= 0x7A (interne 9.6 MHz clock)

Step 2: Material

1x ATtiny13a
1x Mini breadboard
1x 150 ohm resistor
1x 3mm Red LED
11x 3mm Green LED
Jumper wire

Step 3: Jumper Wire

Step 4: LED

Please also refer to the video for making.

Step 5: Casing

Power supply uses 5V from USB. Please be careful with polarity.

I put a small Christmas tree in the dome ornament kit I found in the 100 yen shop.
I think that a small bottle is also cute:-)

Step 6: Finish!

have fun :-)

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