Mini Clamp.- Home Made Tool


Introduction: Mini Clamp.- Home Made Tool

How to make Mini clamp
Easy, fast and funny



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    hey in the clamp how did u make the grooves for the screw to go in can u explain plzz

    loved it thanks for sharing

    Hi PP !
    This tool is very useful.

    Hola rimar ! He visitado con gusto tus instructables, los cuales los encuentro muy interesantes. Muchas gracias por escribir y por tu comentario. Te envío un saludo desde México. Atentamente PPsailor

    Two questions: did you leave out/not take pix of the step of tapping the screw holes, or was the aluminum soft enough that the screws self-tapped? And, I'm intrigued: what were you making in the shots of the clamps in use?

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    Hi ! lafnear ! The aluminum is soft, but even so, it is necessary to make a perforation before use tap-drill.- I am inserting a new photo to illustrate better my instructable. In the shots of the clamps in use, annex photo of my towboat in the class"Springer" Please it visits this link: PPsailor

    Springer ., prueba de flotaci��n 007.jpg

    Look at picture 5