this is my mini coilgun
how do i wind the coil e.g.<br /> ===== (barrel)<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &lt;- one layer this way<br /> one layer that way&nbsp;-&gt;<br /> etc.
yeah, thats how i did it
thats why i wont work olny one way or your cross the magnetic feild
i made a coilgun with a bigger barrel and overall structure. i notice that when i charge for a minute nd a half, it does fine but very weak.when i go longer, it just sort of jiggles in the barrel. help? o i used two different gauges of wire connected in the middle of the coil (youll see) ill put up some pics...........
thats cool!
The neeter u wind the coil the better, wind it in only one direction too. when u get to the end run it streight back and start on the next layer, that will give u the best magnetic feild<br />
so closeup you can see the different gauges of wire and sorta see my circut setup.... the metal rod is ammo
Hello guys <br /> I am making a coilgun made of a disposable camera and some capacitors. <br /> I have made a drawing with google sketch-up. Could you please check if I have made all the connections right? ( I am not an expert &hellip;&hellip;&hellip; yet) <br /> <br /> <a href="http://www.elektronica_stuff.webklik.nl/page/voorpagina" rel="nofollow">www.elektronica_stuff.webklik.nl/page/voorpagina</a><br /> please reply!<br />
but when making the coil. does the wire need to be insulated so that they don't touch each other. otherwise it will be just like a metal tube
why didnt you just put a battery in the area where it is empty and if you have enough room put another extra batterey for if the other one runs out
can you post instructions for this pleasee? all the other coilgun instructions arent really step-by-step so i have had a hard time building one.
i have already taken this one apart but i can post a new one one with step by step instructions as soon as i get my camera...give me about a week
ok ive started work so i should be done within a few days(3-4)
awsome dude thanks
private message me with a link after you posted it pleaseee?
i can do that though my camera is actin up so it might be an extra day or so sry
thats okay man no prob
I really would like to see instructions on this one too, it looks like a nice simple design that would be a fun little project.
it was indeed
great only one thing where are the instructions and how far does it shoot
this one shot about about 45-50 feet,i could hit a pop can from about 20 feet so the accuracy is pretty good too
i would seriously make one if u put instruction HURRY
Try <a rel="nofollow" href="http://justfuckinggoogleit.com/">here.</a><br/>
i would agree with you if the name of this site wasn't INSTRUCTables
ditto for me ,If you are going to the trouble to do something, how you did it would be a very good idea.......Video's are neat to watch but while putting together printed instructions are best.......

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