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I recently started working with laser cutting machines and I realized some panels were thrown away when they could still be used. I took those small parts and used them to create a small collection of 3D printer miniatures to decorate a Fab Lab or any maker's house!

The miniatures are 7cm high (width vary depending on the model). Source files are optimized for laser cutting with 3mm plywood. Also, as we are talking about 3D printers (!!!), I've created a 3D printable version which is the same as the laser cut design.

Feel free to modify any design, customize it or create your own 3D printer miniature!

Special thanks to Cutter Design Paris ( for giving me the opportunity to create this collection.


wold630 (author)2016-07-06

Very fun idea. Could you post the files?

flowalistik (author)wold6302016-07-06

You will find a RAR file with the three different printers. ;)

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