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Another DIY concrete project, this time a little, cute concrete lamp. Let's go!

Step 1:

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Tools you need:
Rubber to metal adhesive (I mostly use the 3M Industrial Adhesive), vinyl electrical tape, super glue, a screwdriver, a modelling knife, a reamer, a marker and a soldering iron.

Step 2:

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Parts you need:
A plastic food box, a complete cord (with switch and plug), an E27 socket, two socket collars, a rubber protective furniture pad and four silicone self adhesive ones.

Step 3:

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Mark and cut with the soldering iron a hole about 40mm for the socket, then trim the hole with the modeller's knife. Also make a 14mm hole for the cord.

Step 4:

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Make a hole at the side of the socket for the wires. Connect cord (remember to attach the cord's rubber protective pad before), assemble socket, insulate with super glue and black rubber adhesive (arrows), and secure it with the socket collars once mounted.

Step 5:

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This is how it should look.

Step 6:

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Fill with concrete and wait at least 24h to dry.

Step 7:

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Remove the mold by cutting it gently with the soldering iron. Then wet-sand the bottom with 150 grit sandpaper. Trim the edge.

Step 8:

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Wet-sand the body, with 600 grit sandpaper. Some fine sanding may be required, then polish with a wet cloth.

Step 9:

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Let it dry completelly and attach some silicone protective pads.

Step 10:

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Install a bulb and your lamp is ready!

Step 11:

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4DIYers (author)2017-12-17

Wow, incredably clean workmanship!

Stamatis K (author)4DIYers2017-12-17

Thank you a lot :-)

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