I love all things small. And tiny. And little. As a result, mini container gardening is my FAVORITE kind of indoor greening. Using tiny dinosaurs to create little dioramas with said plantings, while not entirely necessary, takes it to a whole new (and desired by me) level of cute.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Choosing Your Containers

My boyfriend Mark and I were in Bolinas, CA and found all these beach rocks with holes in them. (Score!) They are what sparked the idea of doing itty bitty plantings - but you could use any small vessel with a drainage hole. Here's some other ideas:

  • old skateboard wheels (Mark planted a few post photo shoot and they look great!)
  • bottle caps
  • small jars
  • pieces of cedar or teak (water resistant) with a hole drilled
  • craggy driftwood
  • shells
  • corks with a holes drilled
  • bottom half of an Altoid tin with hole punched in

Really you could use any small vessel with a hole!

If you do have the good fortune to come across suitable rocks, make sure you boil them before starting to plant. They may contain salt or small organisms that would effect the health of the plants. That goes for whatever you end up using - make sure it's been sterilized either via heat or bleach (hydrogen peroxide or vodka will also work) before adding your tiny greens.

<p>wow, this was a very adorable and entertaining instructable. kudos!</p>
<p>Great! I especially enjoy the theme settings that you added. It is very calming and relaxing to view both plants and their created environments. This combines stage craft and micro landscaping ideas. It is so refreshing. thank you for taking your time to share. </p>
<p>very nice! guess i have to start drilling holes in rocks now.....</p>
This is wonderful and shows what beauty can be made with a little imagination. Thank you.
<p>So cute! Now I really want some of those peculiar rocks, I have never seen them before!</p>
<p>Needs more Step:5</p>
<p>These are so cute! I have been planning on making some terrariums this week and I'm very inspired now!</p>

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