Introduction: Mini Coupon or Receipt Organizer.

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You will be making the item above. You will need 2 pieces of fine cardboard.(notebook style) Scissors. Duct tape. Poster board. And optionally a sliding cutter.

Step 1: Step One

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Cut off the edge of the cardboard.

Step 2: Step Two

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Cut exactly in half.

Step 3: Step Three

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Cut another piece as long as the others but thinner.

Step 4: Step Four

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This is an optional step. Its putting a base coat of duct tape so that everything will be opaque.

Step 5: Step Five

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Cover the cardboard with a second layer of tape(unless u did not do step four.

Step 6: Step Six

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Cut four pieces of card stock a little smaller than the duck taped cardboard.

Step 7: Step Seven

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Tape the papers as shown. One set of two with one piece of duct tape. And the other set of two with two pieces.

Step 8: Step Eight

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Place the set with one piece of tape on top of the one with two. Than add tape on top so not sticky.

Step 9: Step Nine

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Tape the sides inside and out.

Step 10: Step Ten

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Tape the paper organizer part to the bottom thiner cardboard.

Step 11: Step Eleven

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Use tape to secure sides to the organization unit from the top. Then glue the inside of duck taped cardboard to the poster board.

Step 12: Complete!

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Let glue dry. Fill with receipts, coupons or whatever.


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