Step 4: Finishing Touch

1) this is the bullet
2) add rubber bands for putting the trigger back in place  ( both sides the same amount of bands)
3) fireing bands put on as shown
4-5) loaded

pull back the orange con (fast and hard pull back) and it will shoot nice and hard ^^
By the way, your English is not that bad. :)
Awesome! I don't quite have enough pieces. Will buy though. Anybody feeling genorous?
5* omdat je nederlander bent ;)
Dude, this is WORSE than those block trigger guns that spam Instructables, mostly because it uses an outdated mechanism on something that's BARELY a wireframe.
works fine for me....
It's using a crude variant of a mechanism that's been posted a LOT of times on MUCH better guns. Also, it's called a HANDLE, not a stock.

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