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I've been looking for a solution to my backdrop issue for a while now. The need for which is revisited every time a new craft is produced for my little Etsy shop, and I finally decided it was time to do something about this.

Some time ago I was greatly inspired by the larger version which is mounted to a table and although portable doesn't fit in my small apartment and doesn't do well with my traveling lifestyle. I found it was just too big, too expensive and I couldn't pack it in my bag for traveling. I aimed for something cheaper, smaller and more portable, and was able to come up with this one, which fits all the criteria: Small, portable, easy set up, reusable, and cheap or common materials.

I now introduce The Mini DIY Photography Backdrop (sets up in under 2 minutes).

The original Instructable can be found here: 

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Things you will need that are either cheap or sitting around the house:

1 Plastic hanger
Fax Paper rolls
Thumb tacks (3 - 4)
Saw (or cutting tool to sever the hanger)
Exacto Knife or craft knife (for detail work on the hanger)
Hammer (optional. This is for breaking the tack into pieces, so a rock or heavy stapler could work too)
Candle & lighter
Glue (Craft glue / crazy glue / gorilla glue etc...)

alcurb1 year ago

This is a fabulous idea. Doesn't the camera pick up the paper towel texture?

BTW: nice photography in the 'ible itself.

Actually, if you read the list of materials, he was using FAX paper, not paper towels. So no, there should not be any textures to pick up.

sunshiine2 years ago
What a grand idea! I am going to do this also. Thanks for sharing and do have a splendorous day!
CementTruck2 years ago
Genius in its simplicity.
EmilyXD2 years ago
I've been looking for a good backdrop too.
Printy (author)  EmilyXD2 years ago
Hope this one helps with ideas! :)