This is my mini adjustable power supply. It will take any DC source between 7.5V and 28V. The output will be between 1.4V and the input voltage.It cost me about £9 in parts, most of them from HK.

Please comment if you like it. 

Instructable available now!!  See here
<p>Awesome! I can't wait for the instructable!</p>
<p>He put the link to the 'Ible</p>
<p>This is One Of My Favourites </p><p>It Rocks.</p>
Thank you very much!
<p>Well done writing step-to-step too!</p>
<p>Yes, I'm pretty interested in an Instructable about your power supply :)</p>
<p>Thank you! Working on it as we &quot;speak&quot;.</p>
I hope you'll release it soon :) Your &quot;breadbox&quot; power supply is also very interesting
Nice. Would like it!
<p>pretty cool.</p><p>waiting for the instructables post.</p>
<p>I will let you know when I finish it. I'm working on it at the moment! :)</p>
<p>One of the most complete psu I've seen <br>please make an instructable</p>
<p>Thank you very much!</p>
Thank you all for your comments. I'm already working on the instructable and hopping to post it soon.
<p>Nice project! Waiting for the complete guide for it!!!</p>
<p>Thanks,great post,I made a similar power supply salvaged from a printer power adapter,without the current adjustment.you post encourage me to learn more in it.i'm waiting an updated post.</p>
<p>Even if there isn't enough interest, make an 'bile anyways!</p>
Please write up!
looking forward to seeing the ible. perhaps with a bill of material if possible. 10x!
it will be nice to have instruction! :)
Me too, I've been looking for something like this for ages! Can you post the schematic so I can gather some bits together?
This looks great. I'd love the instructions to make one
<p>Thank you jpattison72. I took some pictures as I was making it, so I'll be making the instructable soon.</p>
Hi Granzeier, That's a fair point. I'll do that on a separate instructable. This one is just to show the unit.<br>Regards
<p>Nice power supply, but this does not instruct people.</p><p>How about posting the schematic diagram as step 2, and how you put it together as more steps.</p><p>More info on this cool looking device, please.</p><p>Thanks</p>

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