Introduction: Mini DRILL PRESS (for PCB and Other Small Stuff)

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A small drill press can be pretty expensive, so I decided to make one myself. I spent somewere between 15$ and 20$ (I bought only the motor and the rails, the rest was made from reused stuff).

Step 1: You Need:

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Materials (aproximate dimesions):

  • 3' 4x4cm (1.6x1.6") square iron bar
  • 8x12" half inch thick steel sheet
  • 10" ball bearing furniture sliders
  • A bunch of self-tapping screws
  • Paint
  • Some sort of handle... Improvise something :)
  • Drill to set on the support


  • Angle grinder
  • Clamps (metal, not plastic)
  • Arc welder
  • Drill

Step 2: Clean, Cut and Weld.

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Use the angle grinder with sand paper on it to clean the pieces of any rust and shar edges.


1 pcs 20" with one end at 45 degrees

1 pcs 8" with one end at 25 degrees

2 pcs 2"

The 8x12" base plate

Weld as shown in the images :) I'm lazy right now... I do not want to write so many words...

After you wellded everithing in place, grind and smooth them, painting comes next.

Step 3: Paint It Pretty :)

Picture of Paint It Pretty :)

And again... I forgot to take photos for a while :-"...

After the paint has dried screwing the sliders comes next. But first you need to screw the support for the motor (or drill) on the sliders.. It should all go pretty easy with the self-tapping screws.

Step 4: Mount the Drill and the Hanle and Its Done!

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Secure in the drill, or motor... Or whatever tool are you using.
Mount the handle (careful with the screws, same as before: pointy end twards you.) Aaand that should be it :) I didn't have to use a spring because the motor isn't heavy at all and it stays where you let it. But if you need to put a spring on yours you can attach one end at the base of the handle and the other end on top of the 2" piece.

Hopefuly this helps, good luck building your own :)

Step 5:

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britannicus (author)2017-02-11

Sir, you are a genius ! - I salute you :-) !!

I've been looking for inspiration to produce a vertical press tool to serve several functions (watchmaker's staking tool) - I'm learning to repair antique pocket watches, and the tools are either unavailable or vastly expensive, so I'm looking to make my own. The idea of drawer slides is perfect !! - I start tomorrow and will keep you posted - I also think this may help me to make a toolpost slide for my watchmaker's lathe :-). by incorporating a threaded rod, I should be able to manipulate this quite finely !

Fenex (author)britannicus2017-02-11

I'm glad this is helpful :D
The threaded rod is a good idea, I was thinking about it too at some point but I mostly use the drill for PCB's and there's no point for that since I don't need fine movements.

Good luck with your projects!

britannicus made it! (author)Fenex2017-02-16

Inspired by your design I went and made my own - this is my offering.

Because I want to use this stand for watchmaking and I was using aluminium scrap I added the bracing at the side for extra rigidity. The drill sits on a removable bracket so I can add other tools for milling, staking and watchwork. Total cost to me was £4.00 UK and some scrap :-) - to buy something is around the £120 mark. Most expensive part was the spring !

I'm now experimenting with the same idea for a micro tool slide for my watchmaker's lathe great design

mpd-7000 (author)2014-09-30

what is the brass thing that holds the bit (this instructable is cool)

Fenex (author)mpd-70002014-09-30

It's a tiny drill chuck, it holds drills up to 2mm, came with the motor. Search on ebay :) you can find bigger chucks if you want to use bigger drills.

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-09-28

This is awesome! Perfect for any and all detail work! Thanks for sharing!

Fikjast Scott (author)2014-09-28

very nice

Fenex (author)Fikjast Scott2014-09-28

thank you :)

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