Introduction: Mini Deadpool Swords

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Mini Deadpool needs to be armed with more than his scathing whit to fight the baddies. Let's make the him the cutest most deadly katanas ever.

Step 1: Materials and Tools:

1. a chunk of metal about 2.5 in long.
2. Black thread.
3. Super glue.

1. tin snips
2. Grinder
3. sander
4. polisher

Step 2: Cut the Blades:

Picture of Cut the Blades:

1. Figure out the size and shape of your blades and draw them on your source material.

2. Using the tin snips cut out your swords.

Step 3: Rough Shape

Picture of Rough Shape

3. Rough shape the swords on the grinder.

Step 4: Finish Shaping

Picture of Finish Shaping

4. Finish shaping on the sander.

Step 5: Polish Blades

Picture of Polish Blades

5. Polish blades on polisher.

Step 6: Handles

Picture of Handles

6. To protect Deadpool's delicate hands we now wrap the ends with the thread to create handles.

Step 7: Secure the Grips.

Picture of Secure the Grips.

7. Use the super glue to secure the thread ends.

Step 8: Cutest Most Deadly Deadpool Ever.

Picture of Cutest Most Deadly Deadpool Ever.

Your cutie Deadpool is now armed to the teeth.
Special thanks to my daughter Jessica for use of her awesome mini Deadpool, she did a great job making him.


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