Picture of Mini Desktop AirConditioner
Hi all..im farhan frm singapore and im 14 this year
this is my first instructuble and i want it to be great
Here is the MiNi Airconditioner ideal for desktop usage
and only with a burger box smalleness!!
gogo try one now and a Mini aircon is all yours

Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
You will need a
.Burger styrofoam box
.A small exhaust pc brushless DC fan the thicker the width the better!!thin fans wont have mush airflow thicker ones better!
.Some mounting tape
.Multi purpose glue
.A huge big pc heatsink> longer fins...better
.Or and alternative to the heatsink is cutted out in can into rectangular shape with holes in it will do
.Power for the fan itself(self-known)
.Lots of ice
all these totalled up to be less then $5USD
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yasirafzal2 years ago
So cute, its nice, and its so portable.

Thanks for sharing and God bless. Keep up the effort and you will improve on your writing skills as well. Anyways, I would like to give you 8 out of 10 for this project.
okhawaja2 years ago
that is a great idea for cooling i have seen many but you used heat sink that might work better than ever i saw and trying to make it but not having time.... soon will try and keep you update thanks
spider_kyle4 years ago
I didn't read all the comments because there are like 150 of them, so this may have been said, but instead of using ice, throw some dry ice in there, it'll do a way better job, plus, you'll be surrounded by a mysterious fog of mystery. So intriguing.
and die a chilly death
Right, well assuming nobody is stupid enough to suck on the exhaust and not come up for air, it'll all be just fine.
there's always a stupid enough person
and pure carbon dioxide.
Redstormx13 years ago
it would work is you didnt use heat sink . the cold air ontop of the water/ice would be blown onto you.

You should by a cheap 2 dollar thermometer so you know when to change the ice.
msinojia4 years ago
would it work if we don't use heatsink??
then it would just be a fan.
nibir4 years ago
What would happen if you added liquid nitrogen? The whole room would freeze ..... :D
rtaznita nibir4 years ago
You will freeze first before the whole room.
i think the fan would freeze
quesoman5 years ago
Your spelling could use some work. And I recommend you add more detailed instructions as to where to put the ice. I was slightly confused on that part. Over all it's a great idea so I'll give you 4/5 for now. If I check back in on this in a month or so and find that the mess-ups have been fixed I'll bump up my ratin but for now, 4 stars. Contests on getting your first ible in a featured guide and keep up the good work
Spelling? He said he is from Singapore. Give him a break.
Great eulalia. A 5/5 for you (and for our friend from Singapore!)
for the love of god use built in spellchecker (at-least chrome has it )
Heh, he spells better than me, and I am 25. Oh, and I am from America unlike him. I like this! My rats my have a ac unit now!!!! My rats are gracious.
dzent1 quesoman5 years ago
Yeah, bump up his "ratin", Mr. Champion Speller. And did you mean "congrats" instead of "contests" in that last sentence?
hnasit4 years ago
heat sink is good but it really works or not AND what is the price of teh heatsink????? can u tell !!!
Are you trying to say, "Heat sinks are good, but do they really work? And what are the prices for heatsinks?" ?
vedant5 years ago
 hey dude i am not as good as you are at this so 1 question ! 
why do we need a heat sink ?? & how effective is it ?
Schober vedant4 years ago
Getting into the science of it, the heatsink is made of a material (typically aluminum) with a low specific heat (it heats and cools quickly). The water that the heatsink is in has a relatively high specific heat (takes quite a lot longer to heat and cool). By design the heatsink has a number of thin fins on it to increase surface area and increase the dispersal of heat. By placing the fins of the heatsink in the water the energy is rapidly removed from it.. As the air is pulled past the heatsink it gives some of its energy to the heatsink, that energy quickly flows to an area of lower energy (the ice water) through the fins.

This system may be made more efficient by placing the larger part of the heatsink in the water instead of the fins. This would increase the surface area that is coming in contact with the air and more quickly remove the energy from it. Because of how thick the base of the heatsink is, it is going to take longer for it to cool than the fins and will store some heat inside it. Because it takes longer to heat the water than the heatsink it is okay to store some of that heat so that it may be dispersed at a rate that the water is able to agree with. It's better to store heat in the base than to try to force it to absorb the heat from the air.

This should make the air coming out of the unit cooler but it will also mean that you will need to replace the water more frequently because the speed at which the energy flows will be increased.
diegolay5 years ago
Can I use those "Coleman Ice packs" so i'll not spend water making ice?
XOIIO diegolay4 years ago
Who cares if you use water? Just freeze whatever is left when it cools down, its going to do that before it evaporates.
account3r24 years ago
I wonder what would happen if you used cryogenic fluid... COLD WOULD HAPPEN!!! No, really..... it would be very cold. :D
jvan09075 years ago
Is it possible for usb powered?
ye3s but the fan will turn slower because it is less voltage
whiplash5 years ago
use a peltier module instead of ice so you dont have to have the ice frozen to begin with :)
Wasagi5 years ago
fly_boy_bc5 years ago
mcresearch When you are going to make a comment on a technical or scientific issue DON'T. Go and READ first!
ReCreate6 years ago
What if i had an ice block, with holes and slots in it, and to put that there so that the air actually goes through the ice?
farhanians (author)  ReCreate5 years ago
erm. yup its possible
but do mind that it would take time and energy to drill the holes
and it melts pretty easy. BUT try it out! who knows!
Why not dry ice?
Dry ice is carbon dioxide. I doubt you would be suffocated by it but you may experience sleepiness if it sits in front of you and blows on you due to lack of oxygen
Yesh :D
i like the idea...
crazyboy0075 years ago
if you were to add water in with the ice, i suggest adding some salt in the mix. salt lowers the freezing temperature of water and thus allows it to get colder, so the AC is more effective. nice instructable.
Adding salt to the ice inside the cooler will not change the net entropy - i.e. the cooling power of the device will be the same.
Adding salt will not change the net entropy, but the cooling power will increase: Because the freezing point of salt water is lower, the ice will melt faster, absorbing heat faster from the surrounding atmosphere (more surface area will be exposed by the accelerated melting). Because of air circulation, the temperature of the air leaving the system will never even near 32 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the effective temperature of the ice. However, if the air is cooled faster before it leaves the device, it will achieve a lower temperature, making the air colder than it otherwise would be. The downside is that because the heat transfer is accelerated by the salt, the ice will have to be replaced more often.
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