Step 4: FINALLY!!!

Picture of FINALLY!!!
Make shure all bond are dry and are strong..
and plug in your power supply in it and do a final check if everythings ok

Then add ice. and SOME or NO water in
switch on your fan.. nad place cover on top
msinojia4 years ago
would it work if we don't use heatsink??
then it would just be a fan.
fly_boy_bc5 years ago
mcresearch When you are going to make a comment on a technical or scientific issue DON'T. Go and READ first!
ewout5 years ago
simple and very "cool" Love it...
crazyboy0075 years ago
if you were to add water in with the ice, i suggest adding some salt in the mix. salt lowers the freezing temperature of water and thus allows it to get colder, so the AC is more effective. nice instructable.
I really love how it looks... i do want to try it. but how many volts do it need ? and to those who know how to make it with just plug, pls tell me id be happy to know...^_^