This started after really getting into The Pinball Arcade on Android, I had an idea of creating a stand for my Nexus 7 that would also double as controls for Pinball.

So, I looked around for ideas and saw that a couple of people had already done it, so I decided to build my own and try creating an instuctable to go along with the build.

This is my first instructable, so bear with me.

Step 1: Parts

Here is a list of parts I used for the build: -

Nexus 7 (Rooted)
OTG Cable
Xbox 360 wired controller
MP3 speakers
Arcade Buttons (2 + 1)
Chair Buffer rubber feet (4)
M6 25mm bolts (2)
White A4 Printable Vinyl Self Adhesive Sheets (4/5)
4x1mm magnets (8)
Wire (I used an old IDE cable)

6mm MDF
8x16mm Pine Stripwood
3mm Balsa wood
Grey Primer
Black Satin Spray Paint
Clear gloss Spray Paint
PVA/wood glue
Hot Glue Gun
<p>hi </p><p>\</p>
<p>This is a great tutorial and definitely something I'm going to try. Thank you.</p>
please send me the joy2touch config file. since my n7 screen is broken
<p>Hi, I haven't been on here in a while. I've added the joy2touch file to the end of step 9. It's set up for left/right flippers on LB/RB, and launch ball to A. RB also launches the ball on some tables. For tables with a plunger, you still have to use the touch screen though.</p>
<p>better late, than never</p><p>thanx a lot</p>
you should sell this on ebay or something! what a very creative mind you have
Can it be a ps3 as well
I'm really impressed with the thought and energy that has gone into this. I can imagine you have a great deal of fun with this.
Sound silly but there could be a market for things like this... you could make some and sell them online... like accessories to the Iphone etc.. great work.. it was such an spectacular, creative idea.!
WOW, spechless. What a grat job, congratulations and thankyou for share
I like thus idea.
wow! awesome job!
really cool and great job with the graphics! <br>Does it have a way to plug the charger in ? and can I play music from the phone? I'm thinking this would be a good thing to use as an awesome charging stand?
Wow! Awesome idea and it looks very professional!

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