Introduction: Mini Disks Bracelet

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Heyo! This is my tutorial on my Mini Disks rainbow loom bracelet. This is my original design, and yes, I finally figured out Pixlr!!!!!!! When you have your supplies, move to Step 1!

Step 1: Placing Bands

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Place bands like you would a single, and continue all the way down your loom.

Step 2: Placing "Disk" Bands

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These are basically cap bands. Wrap them around your loom 2 times, and continue down the loom. Stop when you have used all your bands.

Step 3: Hooking

Picture of Hooking

Go under your cap/disk band and hook the band. Continue until you have hooked every band.

Step 4: Removal and C-clip

Picture of Removal and C-clip

On the last band, take your c/s clip and attach one side to the bands. Remove from the loom gently, and then clip the other side.

Step 5: We're Done

Picture of We're Done

We're done with the bracelet! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I accept requests for instructables! Bye!


Starburst loomer (author)2015-03-22

Easy and cute

Thanks! glad u like it

mazzy mitchell (author)2015-01-10

Hey loomers! I have a big surprise! I just published an instructable on a triple single for the monster tail loom!

mazzy mitchell (author)2014-11-08


seamster (author)2014-11-07

Very nice bracelet! It turned out great!

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