Mini Doughnut Bites

Picture of Mini Doughnut Bites
for quite some time i searched for the perfect doughnut recipe. too far from any shops to get a dose of sugary fried dough, i had to come up with my own
months of  undercooked doughs and burnt batters led (with thanks to our bread machine) to my first 'ible
a photo of my homemade churro doughnuts
this makes a denser, heavier doughnut, so came the new, bite-size variety :)

but, i couldn't stop there, the recipe, the shape was not quite what i wanted.
now, i bring to you, my tried and tested recipe
mini doughnut bites!

little round doughnut "holes" covered in a cinnamon and sugar mix and complete with two optional chocolate sauces
anybody health conscious, turn back now
anyone else
read on :)

warning- this recipe makes about 50 and they are VERY filling
these would make a good party food!!!
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of ingredients
i cannot claim the sweet dough part of the recipe, as i got it from my Breville bread machine recipe booklet (and slightly edited it  )
the rest, is my creation :)

sweet dough
290mls warm water
two tablespoons of oil (or butter)
one egg, lightly beaten
one teaspoon salt
two tablespoons sugar
3 1/2 cups bread flour (or self raising)
three tablespoons powdered milk
two teaspoons yeast
oil, for deep frying (canola or other light flavored)
Cinnamon sugar
1/2 a cup of caster sugar (or white, but caster sticks better)
a teaspoon of  cinnamon

milk chocolate sauce
half a block of milk chocolate (150g)
a generous amount of condensed milk (about three tablespoons..)
a splash of milk

white chocolate sauce
about half a cup of white chocolate melts
milk (optional)

bread machine or large mixing bowl
measuring cups
measuring spoons
chopping board
large plate
two small saucepans
small mixing bowl
tongs or slotted spoon
ovenproof lined tray

so good

so good

These are great!
Great work AussieAnglerGal
Oh yum! The sauces look amazing too.
Bergamot2 years ago
WOW! These look awsome!!