After seeing a mini drill press here on Instructables, Idecided to sacrifice a microscope i wasn't using anymore.

Step 1: Procure a Functioning Microscope

This microscope came from the thrift store, so I wasn't too concerned about taking it apart. Plus it didn't allow enough clearance to do micro soldering like I had hoped. However it does have a nice dual speed focuser which will be handy for those precision jobs.

Step 2: Remove Unnecessary Parts

Remove any parts that won't be required for your purposes. Save them if there may be a use later, even if there isn't one you can think of, there may be a use later.

Step 3: Mount Your Dremel/Drill

My dremel was nearly a perfect fit. All I needed to do was jam in a few small allen wrenches to apply pressure to hold the dremel in place.

Step 4: Add a Back Rail

Here I added a small back rail to steady items while drilling. Since its bolted on, removal is easy and quick for those larger pieces.

Step 5:

There you have it, mini Drillpress.
Hey, AstroGeek, you're the greatest. But...you didn't put a link to the Micro Drill Press that I posted last year. So I'll do it myself. <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Micro-Drill-Press/ <br>Seeya <br>
Yes. Just needs reassembly.
Microscope is probably for you is a less useful tool than stand for drills. As microscope can continue to use it?
I can't accept all the credit. I saw the original idea here. Great place for inspiration.
This is so great, I'm definitely keeping an eye out for a cheap microscope.
Cool idea

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