Do you love Minecraft? Do you love working with duct tape? If so, this project is for you. In this Instructable  I will show you how to make a Creeper and Slime head from the hit game Minecraft. You could use this tutorial to make nearly any kind of block from Minecraft. You could make diamond ore, dirt block, cobblestone,  logs, TNT, etc. Maybe in the future I will show how to make other blocks.

Step 1: Materials

For This project you will need:
6 Cardboard Squares (Mine are 4.5x4.5 inches)
Green, Black, and Gray Duct Tape (About 10 yards of green, and a couple feet of gray, and a little of black. I find Walmart to sell it the cheapest)
Sharp Knife (I used a pocketknife)
A place mat safe to cut on (not pictured

NOTE: If you want to make a Slime head, use light green. If you want a creeper head, use a darker green. I only had light green so that is what I will use in this Instructable 
<p>make a wither full costume so peaple will wear it and look like the wither boss from minecraft</p>
<p>make it big enough to fit on your head and make eye holes</p>
awsome! thanks,you gave me an idea for my school project!:-)
You should upload it to the site
I made a full sized Steve head from cardboard and tiny paper squares!
I was thinking about doing that, but didn't have enough tape. You should try it though!
You should make a full sized creeper head or Steve head so you can wear it!

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