Introduction: Mini EDC Utility Kit

Picture of Mini EDC Utility Kit

The kit put together and wrapped up with tape, rubber bands, and a pencil.

Step 1: Outside Pieces

Picture of Outside Pieces

Tape, rubber bands, and pencil. Also the kit.

Step 2: Inside Contents

Picture of Inside Contents

Birds eye view of the top of the kit. All of the inner tools are visible.

Step 3: Fish Hook

Picture of Fish Hook

Just a small fish hook that could be useful if you find some fishing line.

Step 4: Wire

Picture of Wire

Plastic or paper coated wire will do. You can use the paper to burn and the wire could be used for many things.

Step 5: Aluminum Foil

Picture of Aluminum Foil

It is shiny so you could use it to signal. Many other uses for aluminum foil.

Step 6: Fire

Picture of Fire

8 strike on anything matches and 1 regular. Also a striker if the solid places you would strike the matches is wet.

Step 7: Bandage

Picture of Bandage

4 normal sized bandages with cotton in the middle. The cotton could be used for tinder or healing small wounds. I folded the bandages up so they would fit better.

Step 8: Snare Wire

Picture of Snare Wire

The wire I had earlier is almost useless compared to this. This is 10 feet of stainless snare wire. Great for making traps or even cooking if you needed to.

Step 9: All of the Contents

Picture of All of the Contents

This is all of the contents laid out. If you want to replicate this kit, here is everything. I hope you make this kit or something like it.

Step 10: Bobby Pin

Picture of Bobby Pin

Forgot the bobby pin. Sorry, but this has many uses.


build627 (author)2015-08-28

this is awesome

OutdoorKid (author)2014-07-24

This is an excellent kit!! I'm probably going to go make one as soon as I send this. I have one problem with it. What if you don't find fishing line? I would reccomend wrapping at least 20 yards of at least 12 pound test line around the box. Nice job on everything else though.

MMB Survivor (author)2014-07-10

Thank you very much!

Also, you should enter the Great Outdoors Contest!

Wow, you can sure pack a lot into one of those tiny dental floss boxes! It's perfect for backpacking :)

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