Mini Easel Necklace


Introduction: Mini Easel Necklace

This is a mini easel necklace it is so easy that it'll probably only take 10 minutes.

Step 1: Materials

Balsa wood
White cardboard
Super glue

Step 2: The Easel Part

I used a thin balsa wood from Micheals, and cut four 1 1/2 inch pieces out

Glue three together to make it stand up on it's own

Glue the other one across to make a stand for your canvas

I'd used super glue

Step 3: The Canvas

The canvas is just made out of card board that was cut out so it folds easily into that shape

The card board came white, I cut it from a box from something

Step 4: Wire

Loop wire all around it and then attach it to your necklace or chain



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    Only thing missing is a tiny tiny painting....CUTE!!

    His is really cool! Maybe you can paint a little picture on it

    Thank you so much!

    this is pure cute!

    Seriously you make the cutest miniatures!