Since I read a book of electricity and magnetism I have been interested in the topic, and now I have the opportunity to share with you a super easy mini ecologic generator (MEG) I invented the name. You can use it to recharge a battery, power up a led and make a lantern, make a wind generator, attach it to a bicycle or to a car for illumination and many other utilities. All you need is DC motor (between bigger more voltage will give) some big capacitors, diode, and if you want a better mechanism you may add big gears.

One day Oersted saw that moving a compass in an electric cable the needle moves as soon the currents flows, Oersted concluded that an electric current produces a magnetic camp.
Oersted think that if inverting the process he could produce electricity, I mean moving an magnet between a cable or moving cables between an magnet produces a flow of electrons or electricity, this is the principle of the Mini Ecologic Generator (MEG).

Step 1: DC Motor

First we are going to do is attach the gear system (you can use one of remote control cars) to DC motor (big gears and big motors gives better results). 
<p>what are the values of capacitors</p>
<p>what kind of diode do i use ?</p>
<p>A common zener diode</p>
<p>thank you! I can't see clearly in the photo if its a zener or rectrifier</p>

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