Picture of Mini Ferrero Christmas Tree Calender
A quick and simple way to turn a 24 pack of the best chocolates around into a great looking Christmas tree. As it uses 24 chocolates it makes a great Christmas calender!
( I never include the 25th Dec in my homemade calenders, as I think you get enough on that day as it is!)

After seeing the HUGE Ferrero Christmas tree in Convent Gardens in London I was inspired to make my own, albeit on a lot smaller scale, as I can't afford 11,000 Ferrero Rocher!

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Step 1: You will need...

Picture of You will need...
You will need:

1 300g (24) Pack of Ferror Rocher
2 Sheets of medium thickness Cardboard ( I used Cereal box cardboard but thicker would be better)
1 Toilet roll tube
Double Sided Tape or quick drying glue
Paperclips or Toothpicks/Cocktails sticks

Scissors or a Knife
PC and Printer

You can find the Templates at end of the instructable!

Inhuman restraint  - Don't eat any until you've finished...

Step 2: Step One: Print and Cut

Picture of Step One: Print and Cut
Print out the templates in colour onto A4 paper.

Stick the green shapes to the coloured side of the Cereal Box. Then cut the shapes out as neatly as possible.

Stick the brown Trunk shape to the coloured side of a Cereal box as well. Cut out, then fold the Trunk where needed.

Cut out and the Base shape, and stick it to your Toilet roll tube. Cut the tube down to 5cm height.

Or if you have access to green and brown coloured card, print out the templates and use them to cut out the the correct shapes.

No, you still aren't allowed to eat one yet...
That would make a nice table centre.
pinkpanther4 years ago
That was really great!!! I'm simply eager to try it out. Its also a wonderful gift idea!!!
germanboy (author)  pinkpanther4 years ago
Thanks! Glad you like the idea, make sure to post a picture if you do try it :)
ChrysN4 years ago
Nice, my favorite type of Christmas tree, the chocolate kind!
germanboy (author)  ChrysN4 years ago
If only I could have afforded to make it to the same scale as the one in the video... *dreams and drools*
Oh, that would be nice.