A quick and simple way to turn a 24 pack of the best chocolates around into a great looking Christmas tree. As it uses 24 chocolates it makes a great Christmas calender!
( I never include the 25th Dec in my homemade calenders, as I think you get enough on that day as it is!)

After seeing the HUGE Ferrero Christmas tree in Convent Gardens in London I was inspired to make my own, albeit on a lot smaller scale, as I can't afford 11,000 Ferrero Rocher!

Step 1: You Will Need...

You will need:

1 300g (24) Pack of Ferror Rocher
2 Sheets of medium thickness Cardboard ( I used Cereal box cardboard but thicker would be better)
1 Toilet roll tube
Double Sided Tape or quick drying glue
Paperclips or Toothpicks/Cocktails sticks

Scissors or a Knife
PC and Printer

You can find the Templates at end of the instructable!

Inhuman restraint  - Don't eat any until you've finished...

<p>What candy would you recommend if someone has a serious nut allergy?</p>
That would make a nice table centre.
That was really great!!! I'm simply eager to try it out. Its also a wonderful gift idea!!!
Thanks! Glad you like the idea, make sure to post a picture if you do try it :)
Nice, my favorite type of Christmas tree, the chocolate kind!
If only I could have afforded to make it to the same scale as the one in the video... *dreams and drools*
Oh, that would be nice.

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