Picture of Mini electronic detonator
This inscrutable will show you how to make a simple yet effective electronic ignition system.

BTW, first instructable! :)

For this instructable you will need:

1. Switch.
3. LED (don't have one... find an old computer and take out the HDD light or the power light)
4. 9v Battery.
5. 9v Battery Connector.
6. Soldering Iron.
7. Multimeter (very helpful if using the headphone jack version)
8. Small box to put it all in.
9. Wire, lots of wire.
10. 1K resistor, to stop LED from burning out

0. 3.5mm Jack (take from mp3 player or other)
0. Cheap Headphones
0. Steel wool to test that it all works :)
0. Hot glue gun (also not needed, but helpful)

Step 1: Collect all the stuff.

Picture of Collect all the stuff.
This is the general set-up you will be using.

As you can see in the picture once the ARM switch has been flipped the LED will come on showing that there is power going through the circuit.

When the FIRE button / switch is pressed the power is sent through the jack or just wires to steel wool. steel wool is very fine and will glow red hot when a current is passed through it.
kgopal21 year ago
nice project to be tested on indian ocassions such as diwali..... nic stuff
wood wizard2 years ago
after looking again does the led light up when the switch is flicked.the parallel circuit design and the fact that the switch offers less resistance when flicked would mean it doesntto my mind.
wood wizard2 years ago
i like it and will be hacking stuff for parts by tommorow evening
Zethlord2 years ago
Where can i get those switches?
shamshom3 years ago
good work david ,,,
but you didn't use LED nor resister as you mentioned in the pictures in step 1 ???
shamshom3 years ago
good work david
but you don't use Led nor resister(1k) in the last picture ?!!

PyroWork4 years ago
is it okay if i use alligator clips at the end of the wires??
aashilrv4 years ago
I've done it finally.Works fine too thanks
aashilrv4 years ago
I am definitely gonna make for my match rockets.
the arm switch should have a cover over it. but other than that the thing looks awesome.
Is the steel wool needed or optional to use it?
Davidnipp (author)  celticrush974 years ago
its needed (its used for ignition), you can buy it almost everywhere
what about the 1k resistor? and wheir can you get it from?
BSN4_N4 years ago
why is it my steel wool doesn't burn ? pls answer my question thanks.
yurifreitas5 years ago
I don't know a lot of electronics, but adding a capacitor wouldn't make a higher discharge that improves the efficiency of the ignition? If so, what capacitor would fit the best? (If I made mistakes, please correct me ASAP!)
Purple Guy5 years ago
 Nice design! I'm gonna have a go at making this once I collect all the materials together, I'll upload a photo of it once I'm finished :D
*Purple Guy*
Davidnipp (author) 5 years ago
 A 680ohm resistor would be fine.
great instructable :D
it would be a perfect combination if u used http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-Electric-Igniters-from-Christmas-Light/ :D
caco caco6 years ago
i would try it
Well you can just use a model rocket ignitor and it works fine.
edfel016 years ago
were does fuse go?
Davidnipp (author)  edfel016 years ago
The 'fuse' in this case is a small amount of steel wool which glows red hot when the current is passed through it. If this doesn't answer your question you should see the picks in other steps or watch the video.