Introduction: Mini Flipper Crossbow

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Here is the Mini Flipper Crossbow
its not really a how to make as the whole bow assembly is printed on a (UP!)

Step 1: The Bow

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its consist of 2 wings and a body.
I added notch to tie the stings on to.

Step 2: Body

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I use Ice-Cream sticks to make the body and I stain it with a brown marker then use superglue to "varnish" it.
looks nice enough.

Step 3: Trigger Mechi

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i made the trigger out of paper and it's really strong.
Strong enough to hold the tension of the bands

its a simple lock 

Step 4: Making the Trigger Mech

I used a 4 layer harden paper, cut out 5 of the pieces and glue them together with superglue. Make sure you hammer the part after applying a layer of paper to compact the layers. After glueing the layers together sand down the parts (cut off excess) and apply a thin coat of super glue to further harden the parts and water proof it.


edobbins (author)2013-05-29

What kind of string is that?

mikeasaurus (author)2013-02-18

want to share the 3D files here (or at least a link)?

Nosliwx123 (author)mikeasaurus2013-02-20

alright ill upload when i have the time :D

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