Make adorable tiny flower fairies from polymer clay. No special tools needed.

Step 1: Base

Make a tiny rounded cone out of scrap clay.

Step 2:

Make 4-5 tiny petals of desired width and thickness. Place them point up around your cone to make the dress.

Step 3: Head and Arms

Roll tiny arms and place them under the edges of two petals. Then make a tiny ball and place it on top for the head.

Step 4: Hat Petals

Make 4-5 tiny petals and place them around the head like you did the base.

Step 5: Hat Stem

Next make a stem for your flower. Do this by making a small green cone and pinch in the top to form the stem. Place it on the top of your fairy and slightly push it down around the top of the petals.

<p>I made it!!! and it turned out adorable!!! thank you!!!</p>
<p>so cute and tiny!!!!! =3</p>
<p>These are super cute! Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>Thanks. They're a lot of fun to make.</p>

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