Mini Flower Pot Pendant /Bug Ring.





Introduction: Mini Flower Pot Pendant /Bug Ring.

About: What should I say...? I need more Tools !!

It´s Walnut season again. This means Crafty Fun Time. In the first Jewelry contest I was a winner of a Beautiful Dremel Stylus so I'm gonna have fun with it. And after gather some Black Walnut seeds I was wondering what to do with these awesome nature fruits.A pair of ideas came to my head. So I hope you like this simple natural jewelry creations.

Step 1: Mini Flower Pot Pet.

Are you a fancy girl that like flowers but you dont want to leave them in home alone ??'Then this is the perfect gadget for you. Carry your beautiful flowers and give them love like a little pet flower pot.
What I used for the Pot was a Black Walnut seed. I just drill the inner with a big Drill Bit, clean it well, drill a tiny holes where two rings of copper wire were attached .Then I made two little rings out of a stapler wire.and attached to a silver chain.

Step 2: Bug Ring.

For the Body of the Bug I used a half of a Black walnut Seed. I just perfored 8 tiny holes where the legs and the antennas will be placed. For the legs and antennas I used a piece of thin copper wire.After was made I decided to make a ring out of a copper stripe and soldered down the Bug.
Its a little creepy but I really like how this results.
Well its all for now.I hope you like it rated and vote..



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